“This Is The End Of Times, Millions Will Starve!” | Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson and Dr Leslyn Lewis speak about the decision by politicians to cut the nitrogen in agriculture and how this will leave millions hungry. They also talk about how the government should work for the people rather than govern them.

Jordan Peterson and Dr. Leslyn pull the curtain back on the real mission of global leaders.


It appears that world leaders see depopulation through starvation as the solution to climate change. This is not new, but it’s gaining traction as wealth and power continue to concentrate into fewer hands. See: https://nobull.mikecallicrate.com/2016/09/04/today-im-thinking-about-hungry-people-farmers-ranchers-exploited-contract-growers-and-abused-food-workers/

Elimination of farmers and ranchers has been under way in the U.S. for decades. The process is embedded in government policy.

It’s past time for a major push back. Eliminate corporate toadies from Congress.