The Ballots Are Cast – Ranchers Get Screwed, By Stephen Anderson

January 1, 2016

The Ballots Are Cast – Ranchers Get Screwed

By Stephen Anderson

The ballots are cast, the votes are all in
To identify our food, is now a global sin.

The Packer cartel and the N.C.B.A.,
Have cleared the field and won the day.

Consumers be damned, most producers too,
So gird your loins, cause they’re not through.

U.S. sovereignty has been given the boot,
U.S. laws are now deemed moot.

Unelected lawyers now make the rules,
Our congress admits they’re just damn fools.

G.M.O.’s are good, organics are bad;
Monsanto’s laws now rule our land.

The U.S.D.A. stamp is much like a thief,
When slapped on four billion pounds of imported beef.

Sustainable beef is a brand new word,
Bringing a plethora of new rules for the U.S. Cowherd.

Fool the millennials’ with their fancy new terms,
It’s still Honduran cattle loaded with worms.

So pay your cow taxes. Pay with a smile,
It’s revered government speech in spite of our denial

Hi Mike,

Ranchers & private feedlots are poised for vertical integration, about like hog people were in 1998.

When they eliminate the private independent cattle feeders, the “competitive markets” for feeder cattle will go too. Then the packing cartel will have the cowman by the throat & will dictate:

Delivery date
Cattle weights
I.D. policy
Feed ingredients
mineral supplementation
& finally & foremost – The Price
Take it or u eat em

The Walmartization of the cattle industry is just around the corner.

NCBA calls it Sustainable Beef!


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“When I meet Matt, he shows me one of their new hay barns. The old one caught fire earlier this year. The school bus driver saw the fire and radioed for the fire department. But by the time Matt got there, he was only able to save a few pieces of equipment. The barn and hay were a total loss. Matt’s insurance for replacement of the way was at last year’s normal hay price. This year, however, a shortage has hiked the price of hay three times what the insurance would pay. It was a huge loss. But here’s where the heritage of the Anderson family’s kindness principle brings the return on investment. Used telephone poles were donated, used roof trusses were offered cheap, and then neighbors and friends gathered to do the work. And there on the Kansas plain well more than a century after Svan plowed his first furrow, the Andersons and their friends celebrated an old-fashioned barn-raising.”
– Jim Keen, Great Ranches of the West Author & Photographer

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