WNAX Radio: Farm Group Leader Has Problems With Ag Appropriations Cuts


Farm Group Leader Has Problems With Ag Appropriations Cuts


When Congress returns from their recess, they’ll have 100 appropriations measures to take up including the Agriculture Appropriations Bills. Both the House and Senate versions of that calls for cutting ag spending levels by two percent. Nebraska Farmers Union President John Hansen says not only has ag in the past taken more than its share of cuts, it’s now in the third year of an economic down turn.

The House Ag appropriations measure calls for blocking the Grain Inspection and Stockyards rules that give contract protections to poultry growers while they negotiate with processors. Hansen says the House is trying to dismantle efforts by ag groups to protect producers through a common sense approach.

Hansen says the GIPSA rules haven’t been updated since their origination 95 years ago.

The Senate Ag Appropriations bill does not include the language blocking GIPSA rules.