WNAX: OCM Says Beef Trade Agreement With China Needs To Be Redone


OCM Says Beef Trade Agreement With China Needs To Be Redone



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Organization for Competitive Market members are asking the Trump Administration to renegotiate the beef trade agreement between the U.S. and China. OCM Executive Director Joe Maxwell says the deal worked out with China allows not just U.S. beef into China but also Canadian and Mexican beef and is hurting U.S. producers in the long run.

He says the present beef deal with China is beneficial for Packers at the expense of U.S. cattle producers. Maxwell says a renegotiated agreement to ensure that only U.S. beef originating from U.S. farms and ranches be allowed to be exported to China.

Maxwell says any bilateral trade pact worked out with China must benefit U.S. cattle producers and not producers in other countries.

Maxwell says the current U.S..beef agreement with China holds U.S. cattle producers to a higher standard of traceability than their counterparts in Mexico and Canada and that needs to be corrected.