Update: New Brazilian class action targets corrupt JBS in the name of democracy


Thank you for signing our petition to investigate and break up JBS. A new year’s resolution here at OCM is to double down on our efforts to expose the behemoth meatpacker’s abuse of America’s independent agriculture.

In that vein, we would like to share with you some breaking news out of Brazil: A class action lawsuit against JBS lays out the undisputed evidence that through bribing over 1,800 Brazilian politicians, JBS was able to take over the U.S. meat processing industry and become the world’s leading meat processor.

The lawsuit demands JBS restore to the Brazilian public nearly a billion U.S. dollars of its ill-gotten gain. Meanwhile, U.S. officials, ignoring JBS’ wrongdoings, have forked over yet another $10.8 million in taxpayer funds to the shady foreign firm. JBS has now received a whopping $100 million+ in taxpayer cash meant for struggling American farmers.

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