Nobull: Selling off farmland to corporations makes all of us slaves

The swelling farmers’ protest against the Polish government’s sell-off of prime Polish farmland to foreign multi-national corporations, has now spread to five Polish provinces.

Farmers are demanding –

An end to “land grabbing” by a collusion between the Polish government and foreign corporations A ban, by law, of the planting and trading of GM seeds in Poland A freeing-up of the regulations that restrict and prohibit the local sale of “made-on-the-farm” quality produce

The Polish government, which claimed to have banned GM planting in Poland as of 28th January, 2013, is still allowing “trading” of GM seeds in compliance with an European Union directive which calls for GM planting to be permitted in “special designated areas”. Under this clause the land being sold-off to multinational corporations could be used to grow GM crops on prime Polish farmland.

The protesting Polish farmers are currently in negotiation with the Polish government, but so far their demands have not been met. The farmers are preparing to block-off Warsaw if the government fails to respond in full to their demands.

British farmers, led by Oxfordshire farmer, Sir Julian Rose, took to the street in tractors last Saturday, 26th January in a show of support with the protesting Polish farmers.

Sir Julian, President of ICPPC (International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside) said:

“The food chain is globalised and therefore it is very important to recognise that this issue affects us all. Europeans have rejected GM foods and the broad body of evidence indicates that they are not about to change their minds. Selling off farmland to corporations makes all of us slaves to organisations that are unaccountable and have as their sole goal profit and power”.

Jadwiga Lopata, Vice-President of ICPPC and Laureate of the Goldman Prize, said: “Farmers are demanding access to local markets and consumers want access to good quality local food. Therefore, it is time to revive on a large scale, cooperation between the countryside and the city and take power away from corporations and those who are supporting them.”

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