NOBULL: RE: BBC- US high security bio lab faces uncertain future — You guys are sitting ducks with or without the lab…

When are ranchers, for their own sake, going to say that FMD is not a disease that would justify slaughtering millions of animals? Instead, they keep talking the global line, that it is a terrible disease threat. What follows are FMSA and international corporate rules that are a direct chute into this (and the animals don’t have to be sick at all). Goodbye local farmers with healthy animals, hello imports from Smithfield, Tyson, JBS and others.


For goodness sake, the FMD outbreaks in the UK were both caused by lab leaks. You guys are sitting ducks with or without the lab if you don’t speak up about what is really going on here. It’s a food safety trick like HACCP. JBS is raising animals in areas where FMD is active. Are they killing those animals? You know they are not.

This is a consolidation AND a GMO plan.

You just put out an article on Vandana and dung. Here is one by her on FMD and genetic engineering.

Mike, speak up. They didn’t put DOD and DHS in FMSA to slaughter animals in case there is an animal disease outbreak for nothing. They don’t have to prove any animal is sick and they have been running military exercises on how to destroy millions. You think they will bypass ranches in Kansas? They want the competition completely gone, and they want GE animals.

FMD and non-existent avian flu need exposing. You are trying to expose HACCP. This disease game is exactly the same thing, just meant to be even scarier and it comes with mass slaughter of (even healthy) animals.

Here is the logic, and what is happening on the human side.

AIDS, anthrax, polio, hepatitis, meningitis, west Nile, Lyme disease, etc. – 70 infectious diseases all proven to be quickly cured by high dose vitamin C. So, years of attacks on C and pharma is now buying up supplement companies (to alter or ditch them, like they did organic seeds) and the FDA is working to prevent access to all of them. The food safety agency in the EU banned all herbal remedies across Europe last year. Keeping people sick and scared is worth money. Actual cures and no fear are not.

The lies about medicine more than rival the ones about food, and they are from the same companies. You (and CPA) want to protect the economy (and your family)? Here is how. Watch the video.