Mike Callicrate on VICE — ‘Meathooked’

Mike Callicrate on VICE — ‘Meathooked’

Posted By Matthew Schniper on Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 1:57 PM

This past Sunday, HBO aired the fifth episode of VICE, season four, titled "Meathooked and End of Water


In part of the first segment, correspondent Isobel Yeung takes a flight over Yuma, Colorado with Mike Callicrate of Ranch Foods Direct.

The longtime activist shares a familiar argument against concentrated animal feeding operations (CFAO’s) and corporate influence over our food systems.

Here’s a further description of the episode:

We are in crisis. It takes over 1800 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat and the global demand for meat is exploding. On top of that, water is becoming a scare commodity everywhere throughout the world. As the demand for cheap meat increases, the demand for water rises as well. As this crisis goes global, the question isn’t whether or not the amount of water we use is sustainable, it becomes about whether or not it’s recoverable.

I watched the episode last night on demand, taking a gory slaughterhouse tour and hearing from other alternative-industry leaders, like Joel Salatin. VICE didn’t cover a lot of new ground, per se, given that Michael Pollan and many other writers have covered the lack of sustainability and high environmental impact of our current system with great depth. But it certainly never hurts to review the critical topic and introduce those viewers who may not yet have delved in (or had a vegan/vegetarian epiphany, however dedicated in duration).

The second segment — which highlighted severe droughts in various regions as well as aquifers and water tables that are drained or in the process of drying up — featured California’s current crisis mostly, but it certainly applies to our local arid landscape too. Computer models showing the most impacted areas and our likely future are pretty much horrifying, once again portending that future wars will be fought more for water than oil.

On the whole, "Meathooked and End of Water" ranks as important viewing, certainly worth your half-hour.


· Mike Callicrate gives VICE correspondent Isobel Yeung an aerial tour over feedlot operations in Yuma, Colorado.