Letter to the Editor: Kill ‘right to farm’ amendment

Letter, 3/9: Kill ‘right to farm’ amendment

Thanks to Melissa Money-Beecher for bringing to our attention the appalling implication of LR378CA, the so-called "right to farm" bill ("Stop ‘right to farm’ amendment," Feb. 29). Good people must plainly speak up, as has Melissa, against a proposed law that would make permissible the perpetration of the most abominable atrocities against farm animals ("Senators will debate ‘Right to farm’ amendment," March 3). It simply must not be allowed to happen! I trust we are a better people than to condone, let alone sanction, such uncivilized barbarianism.

My grandfathers were farmers who treated the animals under their guardianship with respect and kindness. If alive today, they would recoil in revulsion that such a bill as LR378CA would even be proposed.

Veterinarians should rise up in angry opposition to LR378CA as the bill would do nothing to shield them if it was one of the bill’s objectives. As it now stands, veterinarians have no obligation whatsoever to perform or assist in procedures that violate their conscience or ethics. Sen. John Kuehn, please do the right thing and have this bill killed.

Mark A. Buchholz, Lincoln