YOU MADE A DIFFERENCEMike! Bayer-Monsanto merger hits a snag following farmer pushback


Dear Mike,

Last week, we shared your concerns about the Bayer-Monsanto mega-merger with officials at the U.S. Department of Justice. You responded to our survey (results copied below), and overwhelmingly shared the opinion that a Bayer-Monsanto merger would be devastating to family farmers. TODAY, news broke that Department of Justice insiders are expressing concerns about allowing the merger to proceed.

This is good news for family farmers, and we couldn’t have gotten the Department of Justice to take notice of how this merger will affect your livelihood without your survey responses. Now that we’ve accomplished this temporary hold up of the Bayer-Monsanto merger together, it’s time to celebrate this progress, but we can’t get complacent. Can you chip in $10, $20, or another tax-deductible donation so that we can keep up the fight against Bayer-Monsanto?


The merger would create a company with unprecedented control of big data and access to patents, gene traits and intellectual property. It would become the world’s largest agribusiness company, with a virtual lock on the seed for corn, soybeans, cotton, canola, and wheat. It would have the ability to further dominate markets and restrict farmers’ rights, forcing the adoption of an industrial model of farming that squeezes out independent family farmers.

Thanks to your voice in Washington D.C., and the work of OCM and our partners, a decision on the merger is now “probably months away,” and in the meantime we will continue to lobby Department of Justice officials and State Attorneys General on your behalf.

Will you help us celebrate today’s news on potentially stopping the Bayer-Monsanto Merger in its tracks, by chipping in to help us continue this fight? We can’t do it without your support.

At Organization for Competitive Markets, we’ll never stop fighting to restore economic justice for America’s family farmers and ranchers. Today’s news is a big step in the right direction for blocking the disastrous Bayer-Monsanto merger that could undo so much of what we’re continuing to fight for.


Organization for Competitive Markets


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Dear Mike,

Last month, 50 allied farm organizations including OCM circulated a poll on the pending Bayer-Monsanto mega-merger. Thank you to all of you who made your voices heard. Cumulatively, the farmers who responded to the poll cultivate close to 2 million acres and represent all sectors of farming.

The results are in, and American farmers are overwhelmingly opposed to the merger.

According to the poll, of the farmers who responded:

  • 93.7 percent are concerned about the proposed merger of Bayer and Monsanto (82.8 percent are very concerned/10.9 percent somewhat concerned);
  • 93.7 percent of farmers are concerned that the proposed Bayer-Monsanto merger will negatively impact independent farmers and farming communities (83.9 percent are very concerned/9.8 percent somewhat concerned);

Click here to see the full results. >>

Now, we are taking the poll results and your concerns directly to the U.S. Department of Justice, and urging them to say NO to this unprecedented consolidation of corporate power.

The American Dream is built on the core value that family farmers and business men and women should have an opportunity to take their ideas, ingenuity, hard work and resources to the market and have a fair chance at being successful in their endeavors. If allowed, this merger will deny farmers and businesses the ability to have access to seed traits and chemicals that would allow them to differentiate their products in the market, denying consumers the choices they are demanding.

We won’t stop fighting to reign in corporations and their economic power, allowing an opportunity for U.S. farmers and ranchers to compete in fair and open markets.

Thank you for all you do,

Organization for Competitive Markets

P.S. Please help us continue to speak out on behalf of family farmers, by contributing to OCM today. With your support, we can continue to bring your voices to state and federal policymakers.


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