WTOK on Market Crash

It has happened before! When a bunch of upset cowboys came together and made a big fuss about a cattle market crash, the market temporarily got higher.

After more than a hundred concerned cattlemen gathered for an OCM presentation on the present contrived cattle market crash in Bay Springs, Mississippi on November 15st , a retired USDA AMS employee called and said that he believed the market moved upward in response to the R-CALF meetings in the Dakotas and OCM’s meetings in the South. That may or may not be true, but there is a promising and ongoing series of meeting to rally cattlemen to address this totally unjustified market situation. Every cow-calf operator out there has taken a $500 per head hit and needs to help.

Please see article and links to TV broadcasts here in Mississippi below. Other related information can also be viewed by visiting the OCM website (www.competitivemarkets.com).

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