WTO Decides Argentina Can Now Export Fresh Beef to U.S.

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WTO decides Argentina can now export fresh beef to U.S.

By Andre Sulluchuco on 7/27/2015

The World Trade Organization (WTO) last Friday decided in favor of Argentina by deciding U.S. restrictions on its fresh beef exports were “unjustified,” the Argentine Ministry of Agriculture announced. The decision puts an end to the 12-year prohibition.

WTO affirmed that the U.S. barriers on Argentine fresh beef exports had no scientific reasoning, were not based on risk analysis and discriminate by imposing excessively restrictive standards.

“Our success leads to an end to the U.S.-imposed commercial barriers. We hope that the decision will generate a positive impression among all the WTO members that impose unjustified restrictions on Argentine beef exports and we can then export to such markets as Canada, South Korea, Japan and others,” said an Argentine Ministry news release.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Argentina anticipates that fresh beef exports into the United States will start as of Sept. 1, 2015.