WNAX: OCM Wants OIG Investigation Into USDA Employee Exits

The Organization for Competitive Markets is concerned with the exiting of employees from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to jobs in the meat industry. OCM Executive Director Joe Maxwell says their biggest concern is with the most recent case of the inspector in charge at the Food Safety and Inspection Service Al Amanza taking a job with JBS South America which is located in Brazil. He says an investigation into the revolving door policy needs to be made.

He says there are several questions regarding Almanza’s exit from the USDA to JBS SA.

Maxwell also questions the timing of Almanza’s exit and hiring by the Brazil company.

Maxwell says OCM also has concerns with previous revolving door instances at the USDA where in 2007, the head of the Ag Marketing Service Barry Carpenter left to become the head of the North American Meat Institute. And Bill Sessions who was Associate Deputy Administrator at AMS left to serve as director of product and marketing at the North American Meat Institute.

Audio available here.