What You Were NOT Told About The Amarillo Walmart Shooter and slaughter house workers

What You Were NOT Told About The Amarillo Walmart Shooter

by Michael Murphy | Jun 18, 2016 |

Amarillo used to be known for being on historic Route 66, the home of The Big Texan Steakhouse with its 72 ounce steak, the “Cadillac Ranch” and other interesting places. Unfortunately, it is becoming known for something else rather unsettling.

The “official story” is of course one of “workplace violence.” There was a dispute between two employees that unfortunately ended in the death of one of the men. While that is certainly the truth, as we know from TV court room trials, is it the truth, the whole truth…?

As Paul Harvey would say, “And now for the rest of the story…”

Full disclosure on my part here is important. We used to live in the Texas panhandle, and Amarillo was the “big city” we went to from time to time. We still have many good friends in, and around Amarillo, so I have been able to get a little more inside info on the situation there.

Amarillo has been a depository for this administration’s refugee and immigration plans, and they have had willing accomplices with a few corporations who enjoy the cheaper labor force. According to Mayor Paul Harpole, Amarillo has the highest ratio of Middle Eastern refugees of any city in America. When you take into consideration Muslim migrants from outside the Middle East, it’s much more.

According to the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center database, a total of 4,892 refugees have arrived since 2002. Police say crime is a chronic problem in the resettlement enclaves. The city currently fields 9-1-1 calls in 42 different languages. Harpole says that Amarillo’s school system is particularly vulnerable. More than 15 languages are spoken in the Amarillo school system, and when you include the different dialects, the number balloons to 75, according to Harpole’s testimony before the state Legislature.

With that background information we can add what I am told by friends.

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They call that Walmart “SomaliMart.” Companies, such as Swift Meats and Tyson brought these people in. Amarillo did not want them, and they have been a huge problem and expense to the taxpayers. One friend told me, “They did not know how to wipe their butts, or that they had to. They didn’t know about basic cleanliness, such as bathing and toilets, and they were supposed to attend social classes to learn about living in America.” The official word from the government was that they were filling jobs “not wanted by Americans.” Not true, according to my friends, and many citizens lost jobs and benefits in Amarillo and several surrounding panhandle towns.

Friends tell me, and the mayor also stated that these enclaves of refugees set up their own government, and there is a frequent struggle within, to see who actually rules, and who is a “slave.” Their tribal system from their home country is in place here, with different levels of leadership. They claim they are not bound by Texas State laws or by US laws but by Sharia.

The “workplace” dispute was between two of these Somalis. Mohammad Moghaddam demanded the manager fire the other, and he refused, because it was not a workplace issue. The two hostages? It was the manager and the other Somali. I was told that Moghaddam was most angry with the manager and had directed him to write his Last Will and Testament, along with notes to his family, when Law Enforcement (who had a camera ran under the door) ended the standoff by shooting Moghaddam dead.

My friends tell me they try to stay out of these parts of the city, but that it is getting bad everywhere. No one feels safe, and all carry a weapon because they know if something happens, there is no way the police can respond in time. They are very appreciative of the city police and both sheriff departments- (Amarillo sits on the county line, and is in both Randall and Potter counties) for the jobs they do in an increasingly hostile environment. Thankfully, both hostages walked out alive.

Not every immigrant or refugee is, or will be a problem. However, how can we know? How can anyone know? There are two huge issues at play here. One obviously is the safety of the area residents. Crime has risen exponentially since the influx of immigrants has been forced on the community, and this is just one of dozens across the nation.

The other is the expense. What does the increased law enforcement cost? What of the cost to building more schools and dealing with the related languages?

I have personal friends who immigrated here, and they are not only grateful, they are fully assimilated to the society. They came here as school aged children, put in classes where only English was spoken, and had to make it…and did without exception. They added no burden to the community, and ultimately became successful business owners.

However, there is certainly a problem, and it is created on both sides of the aisle- Democrats who want to feel good for having done something, so people will vote for them, and Republicans who kowtow to big business.

It is time for the people and states to say enough, even if we need to resort to torches and pitchforks along with some tar and feathers. Some lessons are easier learned than others.

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