Turkey label fraud: Our new FTC complaint against Cargill’s misleading ‘family farmer ’ claims

Farm Action and allies are requesting an FTC investigation of Cargill for making false and misleading claims about its turkey products.


Dear Mike,

Today, Family Farm Action Alliance and six other organizations filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requesting an investigation of Cargill, Inc. for making false and misleading claims about its turkey products sold under the Shady Brook Farms and Honeysuckle White brands.

Cargill has widely marketed and labeled these brand products as being raised by “independent family farmers.” These labeling practices imply benefits for workers, animals and the environment, when in fact, the turkeys produced for these two brands come from large, corporate-controlled factory farms.


Cargill is the largest privately-held company in America, and it wields its corporate power to abuse contract turkey growers and slaughterhouse workers, animals, and the land. Cargill’s advertising pulls the wool over consumers’ eyes while stealing the market from independent family farmers.

We need your help to urge the FTC to order Cargill to end this charade. Please sign our petition today.


We thank the Richman Law Group, Venceremos, Organic Consumers Association, Socially Responsible Agricultural Project, Mighty Earth, and Animal Equality for their work and collaboration on this effort.

FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra has been a champion for fair, open markets and has specifically stated the need to end whitewashing. Joining in this action with the other organizations gives us optimism that we can build the public awareness and support Commissioner Chopra needs to put an end to Cargill’s abusive marketing tactics.

Thank you for taking action by signing our petition in support of honest, transparent food labeling. We will keep you updated as we work with the FTC to stop Cargill’s deceptive labeling practices.

-The Family Farm Action Alliance Team


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