This is how I feel — especially about our food system — Raise Less Corn and More Hell

FOCUS: Naomi Klein | Climate Change Is Intergenerational Theft. That’s Why My Son Is Part of This Story
Naomi Klein with her son Toma and John Rumney from the Great Barrier Reef Legacy project. (photo: Josh Wall/Guardian UK)
Naomi Klein, Guardian UK
Klein writes: "We still have both the time and power to force our politicians to change course. It’s too late for most of the world’s coral reefs but it’s not too late for all of them. And it’s not too late to keep temperatures below levels that would save millions of lives and livelihoods. For that kind of rapid change to happen, however, we are all going to have to stop being so impeccably calm and reasonable."

Raising less Corn and More Hell was written by George Pyle – Must Read!

Mike Callicrate