Things I’ve heard regarding Amendment One

Silly things I’ve heard regarding Amendment One;

We need it because of liberal California voters.

(Its MISSOURI Amendment One)

Agriculture is under attack from people like organic farmers.

(I know. The sight of a farmer carrying a hoe seems scary, but its nothing personal)

EPA rules will destroy agriculture.

(We pay our congressman $200,000/yr plus benefits. Maybe this is where he comes in?)

Most farms are corporations these days. Amendment One will protect them.

(Most farm corporations aren’t owned by China where they deny human rights and pollute 40% of their land with toxic chemicals. Yes. Amendment One definitely would protect China in Missouri better than China protects itself at home)

Amendment One would give farmers the right to farm.

(We have the right to farm in its entirety securely in our state statues dating all the way back to the 70s. Nothing has changed that…yet. But Amendment One could invalidate a number of laws depending on how courts and lawyers interpret it)

GMOs are under attack.

(Over 90% of the two major crops grown in Missouri are genetically modified. The government has signed off on them, they’ve been here since the mid nineties. So some people don’t like ’em. Its a free country. Get over it)

Farmers should be in charge of farming and allowed to have a direct dialogue with consumers.

(Isn’t that what this is?)

Outside interests want to control our agriculture.

(Outside interests with global corporate connections like the American Legislative Exchange Council –ALEC–that wrote Amendment One and handed it to the General Assembly to promote?)

Are there any real farmers on this page?

(Yes sonny, hence the name Missouri FARMERS Union)

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