The farmer has been ready to set at the feet of the demagogues

A. C. Davis was secretary of the National Farmers Union from around 1910 to 1927. He gave many speeches, which really got to the point. He believed [and I do, as well] that there were those who always want to keep the farmers from organizing. Here is an excerpt from a speech given in Salina, Kansas in October of 1924:

We were beset on every hand by fellows who wanted to destroy the movement among the farmers. Regardless of all the talk handed out to you, there is not much more sympathy for the farmer today than there was 21 years ago [when NFU was founded]. Don’t let any flatterer pat you on the back and make you think there is. One of the troubles with the farmer is we have been ready to set at the feet of the demagogues and vote for them. You know they are lying but you like to hear them do it. When are you going to stop liking it?

A. C. Davis, Secretary, National Farmers Union, October, 1924

I really cannot add much to the A. C. Davis quote, except people haven’t changed any, if at all, in the last 100 years.

Tom Giessel