The Farm Boy from Cedar County, David Domina is the Best Choice for Agriculture says Nebraska Farmers Union

The Farm Boy from Cedar County, David Domina is the

Best Choice for Agriculture says Nebraska Farmers Union PAC

For Immediate Release

September 13, 2014 For more information, contact: John Hansen (402) 476-8815

Lincoln, NE. NEBFARMPAC, the political action committee of the Nebraska Farmers Union, Nebraska’s second largest general farm organization with over 6,000 farm and ranch families announced its unanimous and enthusiastic endorsement of David Domina for U.S. Senate in the General Election.

The NEBFARMPAC Board of Directors issued the following statement:

“David Domina was born and raised on a farm in Cedar County. He is a veteran. He has an extensive career representing the interests of farmers and ranchers during his many years of law practice. His farm background, farm banking experience, military service, expertise in ethanol and wind energy, and knowledge of and expertise in agricultural markets makes him the clear choice to best represent the interests of the state’s largest single industry and the state of Nebraska.”

“Nebraska agriculture needs a candidate who has the experience, knowledge, skill, expertise, and passion to champion the interests of agriculture, renewable energy, ethanol, and the quality of life issues for rural Nebraska. We believe Dave Domina has the skill, experience, and passion we need in the U.S. Senate.”

“Nebraskans want our elected officials to do their job. Congress has become dysfunctional as the direct result of the ability of ideologically extreme special interest groups to recruit and fund candidates that agree with their agenda to attack and destroy all farm programs and all renewable energy incentives. That ideologically extreme agenda is not in the economic interests of Nebraska, the 4th largest agricultural producing states in the country that is ranked second in ethanol production, and has the third most potential wind energy resources in the nation. Dave Domina is not funded or supported by those groups.”

“David Domina presents Nebraska voters with the rare opportunity to send a politically moderate and independent candidate to the U.S. Senate to represent our state’s primary economic interests with an extensive background and expertise in the agricultural issues and sectors that impact family farm agriculture, our state’s largest single industry.”

David Domina is a strong proponent of ethanol and wind energy incentives. David Domina is the only United States Senatorial candidate to have cared enough about the issue to take a firm position in support of ethanol by summiting his own personally drafted comments to the EPA in defense of the RFS (Renewable Fuels Standard).

“We know that Nebraska agriculture will be well served by sending David Domina to the Senate. His expertise in renewable energy, ethanol, agricultural markets, and private property rights will serve our state well in the United States Senate,” said NEBFARMPAC President Gale Lush of Wilcox.

John Hansen, NEBFARMPAC Secretary said “Our Board of Directors recognizes the rare opportunity to send someone with David Domina’s rare set of problem solving skills, integrity, and common sense to Washington, D.C. to represent us. His background and unique approach to solving complicated issues, and his communication skills are just what is needed these days in

the United States Senate,” said John Hansen, NEBFARMPAC Secretary.

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