Tapeworm Economy Threatens Food Supply

Tapeworm Economy Threatens Food Supply

Posted on March 6, 2013 by Mike Callicrate

Sucking the Life Blood from Family Farm Agriculture
By Mike Callicrate | March 5, 2013

“Our ground beef comes from Stampede Meat Company in Chicago, it’s delivered by Sysco, and we need enough volume for 2,000 locations.” This was the response from a Smashburger representative when I asked if the company would be interested in buying high quality, locally produced beef for their Colorado restaurants. His response was a painful reminder of the words of our Ranch Foods Direct delivery driver, Francisco Chavez, in describing the negative economic impact on our community when, every day, the Sysco truck delivers things from somewhere else, while taking the money away.

As explained in the book Fast Food Nation, McDonald’s growth was dependent on the rapid growth of their suppliers – who, due to a lack of antitrust law enforcement, have become part of a massive international wealth extraction machine – an economic parasite – a giant industrial-sized-tapeworm.

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