Show-Me Ag – Why competitive markets matter with Joe Maxwell …

I urge you to follow the link below and view an outstanding video regarding agricultural markets, the current cattle market crash, and the work of Organization for Competitive Markets. Executive Director Joe Maxwell gives a super, easily understood cram course on the dynamics of agricultural markets and the ominous situation facing the family farm and rural America.

Fred Stokes

Show-Me Ag #1404 – Organization for Competitive Markets

Published on Jan 10, 2017

On Show-Me Ag this week…
Inspired by Teddy Roosevelt, the original trust-buster, the Organization for Competitive Markets is think tank that focuses on antitrust and trade policy in agriculture. They believe true competition reduces the need for economic regulation and they advocate for the proper role of government in the agricultural economy.

Joining us for this discussion are Joe Maxwell, representing the Organization for Competitive Markets.