Read our new consolidation report and join our conversation today with national leaders

Today is the day we launch our special report, “The Food System: Concentration and Its Impacts.” Read the report here.


Dear Mike,

It’s here! Today we launch our special report, The Food System: Concentration and Its Impacts.” It provides the latest updated data on the state of concentration in the agrifood system, and outlines what happens when a few hands control the way billions of consumers, farmers, and farmworkers work and eat. It also includes bold proposals for decentralizing our agrifood system to move power out of the control of just a few.


Written by leading food systems expert Dr. Mary Hendrickson and her team, this paper is founded on the premise that monopolistic control is no longer about accumulating capital or profits, but rather amassing and protecting power.


We hope to see you today from 12:00-1:00 PM EST at our virtual paper launch event, hosted in partnership with Open Markets Institute, presented by Dr. Hendrickson with a special appearance by Senator Cory Booker


Your voice is needed in the conversation to build a truly sustainable, inclusive economy that respects our land, natural resources, and neighbors.

-The Family Farm Action Alliance Team

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