R-CALF USA and CPA Lobbying for COOL & Trade Reform

Hello All,

I am in D.C. to meet with President Trump’s National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro and to lobby Congress on the need to reinstate COOL and rebuild our food supply chains with a new trade policy. R-CALF USA is doing this with the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA). We helped develop the attached flyers for COOL and trade that will be distributed by U.S. manufacturers, workers and by us over the next two days. For this trip I will be lobbying alongside Burl Finkelstein who is the Executive VP of Operations and General Counsel for Kason Industries, which is a Georgia-based small manufacturing business.

Feel free to distribute these flyers far and wide, particularly to your social media friends and to your members of Congress.

Bill Bullard

2017 CPA Trade Flyer
2017 CPA COOL Flyer