People against the XL pipeline came from all around the US to testify


The State Department hearing in GI was very educational and informing. People against the pipeline came from all around the US to testify. The facts they presented were endless. People dealing with the aftermath of the spills in Michigan and Arkansas came all the way to GI to oppose this pipeline. Many people had to leave their homes and don’t know if or when they can return. Trans Canada proponents only had propaganda, lies and half truths. Please take the time to send in comments. Let’s make this a "Yes We Can Stop the Pipeline" moment.

Thanks. Every person counts including you.


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thank you Pipeline fighters
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Dear Pipeline Fighter,

Thank you to everyone who braved the cold and snow on Thursday to stand with us at the State Dept. Keystone XL hearing, and to all of you who cheered us on from afar and helped multiply our voices. We were truly moved by the eloquence and passion of the testimony you delivered. Together, we all stood up in solidarity with Randy Thompson and our Pipeline Fighters when they delivered their testimony, and raised our black armbands in protest when TransCanada representatives spoke.

Click here to view photos from the State Dept. hearing on Facebook.

The next step: Bold Nebraska and coalition partners including Sierra Club, 350, League of Women Voters, League of Conservation Voters, National Resources Defense Council and Oil Change International have so far helped to collect over 800,000 public comments against Keystone XL to submit to the State Dept. But our goal is 1 million comments, and the deadline for submissions is Monday — which is also Earth Day.

Will you help us reach 1 million comments to Sec. John Kerry, the State Dept. and President Obama against Keystone XL? Click here to submit your comment, then forward this email to 5 friends.

We will continue this fight to protect our land, water and homes against the Keystone XL pipeline. There will likely be another public comment period during the National Interest Determination for the pipeline, and we will keep you up to date on any developments in the decision process. We are also currently planning events and actions for the spring and summer of 2013, so if you have ideas let us know by sending us an email or leaving a message on Facebook.

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Standing together to proclaim "not in our land, not in our water, not in our country,"
Jane Kleeb and the Bold Nebraska team