Organization for Competitive Markets Concerned Over Potential Trump Ag Appointments

November 18, 2016 OCM

OMAHA, NE – The Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) congratulates President-elect Donald Trump on his election. His recognition of the economic injustices suffered by America’s farmers and ranchers was rewarded by rural America. OCM is optimistic about working with the new administration.

OCM is concerned, however, that the Trump administration isn’t working for the “little guy,” especially in agriculture. Virtually all steering committee members and proposed appointees thus far are Big Ag insiders. Traditional family farmers are not yet represented, although they are the foundation of this country and a large part of what made America great in the first place.

OCM President Mike Weaver said, “How Trump intends to ‘Make America Great Again’ without including family farmers is beyond me. Rural America came out in droves to support the man, hoping he will make drastic changes in the way this country is run. But so far it is looking like business as usual with lobbyists and big business controlling everything.”

OCM hopes President-elect Trump will follow through on commitments to those who voted for him based on his promises to bring economic justice to working families, including family farmers and ranchers.