Oregon county’s ban on GE farming upheld by federal court!


A federal court just handed our movement a huge VICTORY in upholding an Oregon county’s ban on GE farming!

jc-appeal.jpgLast November, voters in Jackson County, Oregon overwhelmingly passed an ordinance to ban the planting of genetically engineered (GE) crops in the county. Soon after, opponents backed by Monsanto and their allies went to work trying to overrule voters in court.

Center for Food Safety quickly stepped in to defend the ban and support local farmers, fearful that contamination from GE crops could destroy their livelihoods. In a precedent setting ruling last week, a federal judge upheld the ban; marking the first time a federal court has recognized farmers’ right to protect their crops from GE contamination.

This is a huge victory for farmers, consumers, and for our democracy at large.

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We’re not just fighting for farmers and consumers. We’re fighting for democracy itself because we believe that voters have the right to make these decisions without being bullied or overruled by corporate interests – and the results are stacking up.

In April, thanks to donations from people like you, we were able to deliver another blow to the industry’s agenda in successfully defending Vermont’s historic GE labeling law – which we drafted – from another lawsuit brought by major food corporations to stop labeling from moving forward.

It turns out that we are a real thorn in the industry’s side. But they haven’t gotten the message yet. We think they’re gearing up to APPEAL the judge’s ruling in the Jackson County case and spend whatever it takes to stop our momentum elsewhere.

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Here’s to more victories like this,