OCM is working for you. Join us as we launch our Fall campaigns.


In the past few weeks, your donations have provided OCM with the resources necessary to take on Big Ag and win.

We held a successful conference with over 70 organizations represented and hard-hitting collaborative actions planned for the coming year; released our 2017 policy brief that has already forced the conversation on both sides of the political aisle; and exposed NCBA’s negotiated China beef deal for what it was: a trade deal to keep NCBA’s big packer allies’ plants full by allowing Canadian and Mexican cattle to be marketed as U.S. beef while stealing the market from U.S. cattle producers.

We are ready to launch our Fall campaigns and we need your continued support. Please donate today to keep the momentum going.

We will be hosting a Congressional Briefing on meaningful anti-monopoly reforms to end the heavy concentration of agricultural and food markets; pushing for more meetings with the U.S. Department of Justice and raising awareness among Washington D.C. policymakers about the need to stop the Bayer-Monsanto mega-merger; and launching our fall Taking It Back Tour in targeted states to put pressure on Congress to act on checkoff reform while getting to the truth about NCBA’s checkoff activities through our FOIA lawsuit.

We will not be able to take these actions without your continued support. Please help fund the fight by making a donation to OCM today.

Thanks for all you do,

Angela Huffman

Director of Communications and Research

Organization for Competitive Markets