NOBULL: USDA FSA is not responsive to family farmers

Hi Mike,

I came out of the shadows and decide to speak up about our local USDA office which has been intransigent about helping the small farmers. I received an email which invited, which I read was to be private comments to submit.

Alas! They published it on the Sec of Ag’s Blog! Here is what I wrote. If any of your other readers have had similar experiences, please urge them to comment on the Secretary’s Blog and perhaps we can initiate a reform and clean up. Our local office has no outreach, and to obtain information is like pulling teeth.

All of which I wrote I have personal experience, and my story echo’s many others.

The Blog is at

USDA Blog for USDA Office of Communications.

Secretary’s Column: Why I’m Thankful for Rural America

11/16/2012 12:00 PM EST

Responses to “Secretary’s Column: Why I’m Thankful for Rural America”

  1. Ione Conlan says:

11/18/2012 at 2:31 AM

Regrettably our USDA FSA is not responsive to family farmers. Executive Directors in offices should be rotated every three years to avoid “good ol boy” umbrellas which take care of the few, ignoring the small farmers who need the assistance of this office which, (a) loses documents (b) are unaware of basic procedures (c) alters documents to cover their inefficiency (d) hire their own family connection cronies (d) promote inefficient employees to replace them with their own cronies (e) maintain obsolete voter eligibility lists which contain at least one dozen deceased voters (f) disregard qualified farmers who repeatedly ask for voting ballots and are ignored. Do contact me, and allow me to tell you the rest of the horror stories in our district.

“USDA helping farmers?” No, not true in our area. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourselves, we have all just simply given up

Thanks and keep up your own courageous work

Ione Conlan

Conlan Ranches California
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