NOBULL: Two Smithfield Chinese plants OK to export to Russia — China and Russia will not accept U.S. beta-agonist meat — Why do we?

Two Smithfield plants OK to export to Russia

By Rita Jane Gabbett on 3/21/2014

Earlier this month, USDA announced Russia approved two Smithfield Food plants to export pork products to that country made from hogs never fed beta-agonists such as ractopamine.

The two plants are located in Clinton, N.C., and in Tarheel, N.C. USDA posted a notice on the plant approvals on March 7. The approval pertains to products produced on or after March 6 that are certified by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service Export Verification program for Russia and the AMS QSVP Never Fed Beta Agonists program.

Russia banned imports of U.S. pork, beef and turkey in February 2013 on concerns about the feed additive ractopamine.