22 January 2014


Mega corporations, banksters and corporate media are like a boa constrictor squeezing the life out of the American dream of equal opportunity and justice for all.  With their concentrated wealth they control the means of production and distribution; they control our government both statewide and national and write laws for their benefit through congressional and state representative whores who do their bidding.  You don’t negotiate with a boa constrictor once it has you in its grasp; you put it out of business if you are to survive.  That’s what we must do unless we all want to become corporate serfs or butt-kissing sycophants.  We must break their power before we can rebuild a better world.  We do this by withdrawing our support of them, build an alternate economy to provide for our needs and services.  We support local businesses, form co-ops and small businesses to employ people and produce our needs.  We replace those in elected offices with citizens/patriots who are not career politicians, but go there to serve the people—not themselves and corporate bosses.

The letter below is a letter of outrage written by an outstanding author friend, Barbara Hahn who writes as Barclay Franklin and lives in Arizona.  She has written many books that you can find listed on Amazon and are also on the Amazon Kindle.  I have read her books and find her to be a highly intelligent writer.  I believe her blast at Congress is well worth reading.  She is doing what we all should be doing.  Letting them know of our outrage and that we will no longer tolerate representatives who become whores to big business.  They don’t pay much attention to our petitions, but if we start voting for someone else besides the lesser of two evils, they will wake up and start paying attention to our wishes or they will be voted out of office.

J. Glenn Evans
Poet, Novelist and Activist for a Better World


Cornville, AZ 86326,

December 25, 2013

Max Rittman
National Committee for SS & Medicare
10 G Street, NE
PO Box 96696
Washington, DC 20090-6696

Mr. Rittman

What makes you think anyone in Congress listens to anything other than their interests and desires to be re-elected so they can trample on the rest of us? My Senator, John McCain, reputedly has something like six or seven homes (one right down the road from where I live), while some of my friends in Cornville have lost their homes due to foreclosure, because big banks are allowed to get away with thievery. Those banks get low (1-2%) interest rates, while the rest of us are charged 20 to 30%. How fair is that?

Free health care, a whopping salary, a position of power—if just once members of Congress had to live like Joe Public, perhaps that might instill some empathy in all of them. As long as they enjoy all those benefits, I don’t think we’ll ever be free of their malfeasance. The only way to change the scenario is to vote them out of office or instigate term limits so no one in Congress can make a life-long job out of being a member. I don’t intend to ever vote for another incumbent, and I’m trying hard to convince everyone within hearing to follow the same policy.

This is the fifth winter I’ve had no heat in my house, because I can’t afford the propane. I’m 72, and I thank the powers that I’m such a tough old broad (my childhood bedroom in Pennsylvania was not heated either). No heat makes showering, when the inside temperature is hovering 38 degrees, a rather Spartan experience. Like to see old John put up with the same conditions. Let him try freezing his ass off.

I’m thinking of running for Congress on the platform, ‘My vote cannot be purchased.’ We really do need to install some representatives who speak for us all, not just for the moneyed interests in the U.S. We protest and protest and they’re still hell bent to build the pipeline for tar-sands oil. Despite the harm to the environment coming from fracking, they haven’t put a stop to that deplorable practice either. They’re in Congress to protect their jobs and their powers and who cares what becomes of the rest of us?

I can imagine that if they try to stop or curtail SS and Medicare there might well be a mass protest of old folks across the country. We’ll either be mad enough to march en masse on Washington—or—the only other recourse being putting one’s NRA-sanctioned gun in one’s mouth and pulling the trigger—because that’d be preferable to starving slowly to death.

I’d like to see John McCain survive on $1121 a month (my new “entitlement” for 2014). I just paid out $1400 for property taxes (for two empty lots I own) to Yavapai County for ½ year. All my job-related retirement funds go into my savings account so I can pay those tax bills, which means I am eating pretty damn light these days. Haven’t enjoyed a steak in years. Eat only chicken thighs now and am really glad to have those (some have even less). Will John only be satisfied when they foreclose on me as well? I hear he’s contemplating running for office again so he can kowtow to the rich for another six years.

They ship all our good jobs out of the country, and no one in Congress protests those moves. I believe that CEO’s of those companies should be forced to move to the country where they’ve sent their productions. Hiding their funds in off-shore account to avoid paying the taxes all the rest of us have to pay, is another trick of those who don’t care about anyone but themselves.

The Grinch is alive and well this Christmas holiday. Congress is full
of Grinch-like members.

Thanks for not including petitions to Congress in this plea for funds, like you believe I am not intelligent enough to create a letter of my own to my three Congressional “representatives.” (Ha! That’s a laugh. They only represent their own interests.) Those who send the petitions don’t really care about my input; I think they just want my money. Sorry but I have very little of that to spare these days.


Barbara Hahn MT (ASCP-retired), MA in English

PS. I sent this diatribe to Max. I didn’t send my $12 yearly dues, as I think that’s sending good money to a lost cause. Instead I donated the $12 to the Salvation Army where I know it will help some of the less fortunate. Grrrrr!!!! We all need to take pen or computer in hand and flood members of Congress with our letters of ire.