NOBULL: The Gift of Spring – Stewardship must be reflected in our daily endeavors


By Tom Giessel

The season of spring not only brings about a sense of renewal, but also underscores our responsibility as stewards of the Earth. Liturgically, we have moved through the season of Lent. We celebrated Easter the first Sunday, following the first full moon after equinox, as the days lengthen. Living on the High Plains, we observe firsthand Nature’s cycles, in a rural environment that affords us the gift of observation on a grand scale. You do not have to be a farmer to take in the miracle of the great resurrection of life on the terra firma. Plants emerge as if by magic. The sounds of birds chirping and insects buzzing fill the air. Newborn calves kicking up their heels in the green pastures bring smiles to our faces. The scent of a spring shower and fragrance of blooming flowers are all gifts on which we cannot place an economic value. It is the time for us to till the soil, and plant seeds in anticipation of a bountiful harvest. The energy and spirit that makes us human, in turn, creates this gift of life. Yes, the Earth has come alive after the long, cold winter.

We need to pause during this time of renewal, and take inventory of the responsibility we share, and the role we play, in passing this gift on to those who will follow us. Science and technology must be the tools we utilize for the betterment of all involved. Our challenge is to balance these instruments and not have the land and its creatures exploited for excessive individual gain or outrageous profit at the expense of the environment. It is our obligation to consume resources wisely, and reduce excess consumption of, and conserve what is many times, limited. We must always strive to leave more behind, than we take with us on our journey. Stewardship must be reflected in our daily endeavors.

The gifts we hold in our hands, we also carry on our shoulders. The inheritance we have received is not ours to give, but must be surrendered to those who come after us.