NOBULL: “Roosevelt would be spinning in his saddle.” …on the state of the cattle markets today.

“Roosevelt would be spinning in his saddle.”

That’s the Harvest Network’s Dan Teigen, a Montana cattle rancher, on the state of the cattle markets today. I’m reaching out to you, other members of our Harvest Network, to tell you about a new series Harvest Public Media has published in collaboration with The Kansas City Star.

Our series is called “America’s Big Beef,” an exploration of the gigantic multi-billion dollar business, reported from here in what the Star calls “the buckle of the beef belt.”

We looked at how research at public colleges in the top five beef-producing states is increasingly paid for with donations from big business. We went behind the scenes at the American Royal, a huge farm show in Kansas City, to look at the results of cattle breeding. We analyzed environmental records at Kansas feedlots and we reported on how some farmers and ranchers are angry about how Beef Checkoff monies are spent.

Interested? The main page is here, along with our audio and text stories and other multimedia reports.

Some of our stories also appeared in The Kansas City Star as part of its series “Beef’s Raw Edges.“ That series can be found here.

Finally, we would love to know what you think of this work. Was it fair? Interesting? Did we missing anything? Share your thoughts with us by clicking here.

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Peggy Lowe