NOBULL: RE: Is Fracking Contaminating US Livestock? — Shouldn’t be an either/or fight between the greenies and greedies.


RDO is right: natural resource use shouldn’t be an either/or fight between the greenies and greedies. It becomes that way, of course, because of the money involved. A better measure, however, is people: how are people affected by the resource extraction, its use, its disposal, its environmental consequences. Everybody uses energy but that unanimous fact doesn’t mean we all want–or our species can long survive–stupid, wasteful and totally unnecessary methods of getting, using and discarding it. It ain’t about the money; it’s about the future.

Since we all need it, want it and make use of it, wise natural resource policy is best for everyone now and in the future. And we should be able to discuss these needs and ideas factually and without emotion with an eye on our grandchildren’s futures.

If we don’t we will prove Will Rogers right: Americans will be the only people in the history of the world to drive to the poor house.