NOBULL: RE: Farm Bureau Turns Against Small Farmers on Boneta Bill — FB known for arrogance and shady dealings…


Mike, Keith Bolin and I saw the very same thing in Illinois years ago when we were able to get the Producer Protection Act before our House and senate. The IL Farm Bureau opposed us EVERY step of the way….UNTIL they realized that this bill was going to become a law. THen, and only then, did they change their tune. Theychanged their support and supported it into law and NEVER admitted how opposed to this bill they were from the very beginning.

They even put out a mailer taking credit for the IDEA (which came from you and Jim Foster, MO, I believe) and not once gave those of us who worked so hard any credit.

The Farm Bureau political leaning is very republican, and the arrogance and shady dealings I saw then is still being seen in the republican party and that is why I have no respect nor admiration for politicians of that party. Their lack of respect for us and for small farmers everywhere is just another example of corporate protection that they are all about.

Thanks for all you do,

Gregg Carr

Hennepin, IL