NOBULL: Protocols of the Elders of Demublicans/Republicrats — How to Frack the electorate…

The recent discussion of fracking and cattle that deteriorated into name calling shows how divided we are. I don’t see any good reason for such division so I made up a conspiracy theory to explain it. It is meant to amuse you as you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow and the rest of the chattering classes.

In order to maintain power over the electorate, both political parties have coordinated messages and strategies for the 21st Century. Following are the five key protocols.

1. Portray every election as a choice between socialism and greed. 2. If there is not a crisis, create one. (fiscal cliff, WMD, climate change). 3. Create fear that the other party will make the crisis worse.
4. Convince party members that members of the other party have been duped by their leaders.
5. Convince party members that leaders of the other party seek to destroy the United States.

The electorate will be driven by fear of non-existent crises and hatred of the other party. To be elected, a candidate will have to play on the fear and division. This should insure that no competent leader will be elected. So long as no competent leaders are elected, the electorate will be divided against itself and have no real power.

[…and by working on these prejudices of the people, the money power of our nation will be further concentrated.]

Harlan Hentges

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