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Monsanto’s growing monopoly
monsanto_ad.jpgWhen the Supreme Court unanimously sided with Monsanto recently, it upheld the company’s right to prohibit the replanting of patented seed – handing the biotech giant a major victory. The court ruled that the doctrine of "patent exhaustion," which an Indiana farmer argued should apply after the first sale of patented seed, "does not permit a farmer to reproduce patented seeds through planting and harvesting without the patent holder’s permission."… more.
honey-295x180.jpgIndustrial agriculture erases the identity of our food, filtering its origins as cleanly as removing bee pollen from honey. Just mix, blend, inject it with a brand – and it’s ready for a shelf near you. Who made your food? In these changing times that’s becoming an important question. Maybe it’s something we should all ask more often as industrial food becomes rule over exception. But what makes food industrial?… more.
It’s Still Called Stealing
itscalledstealing-295x180.gifGrade and yield buying used to be called "Grade and Steal" by most cattlemen. Today, it’s called Value-Based Marketing by the big packers and their cheerleaders, like Certified Angus Beef’s (CAB) Miranda Reiman. In her March 4th article, "Value-based cattle marketing dominates", Reiman attempts to mentally condition Angus breeders and other cattlemen to accept their fate in Big Food’s supply chain where performance enhancing drugs, added flavorings, Pink Slime, various… more.
Defend COOL from Sen. Johanns
mike_johanns_ap_328-295x180.jpgMay 13, 2013 Action Alert from Nebraska Farmers Union! Many of you have at one time or another supported our efforts to get and keep clear and effective Country of Origin Labeling for U.S. food products. Thanks to all our efforts, COOL is now the law. That law was challenged by lawsuits from Mexico and Canada in the WTO. USDA has responded in a fashion that we support that makes… more.
College Girl, Economy, Jobs
Screen-Shot-2013-05-11-at-12.03.26-PM-295x180.pngThe following article originally appeared on The following is a transcript of a YouTube video. It’s well worth listening to! I’m a graduating senior, and I’m not worried about the economy or jobs. It’s all much simpler than we’re being told. So let’s put our political differences aside, have some fun and get some answers to what I call "Questions." Like: Where does money come from? When our country… more.
OCM Files Demand for Inspector General Records
callicrate April 11, 2013 Group Wants Answers to Questionable Audit Report The Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) announced today a series of actions in furtherance of its efforts to bring transparency and integrity to the beef checkoff program. OCM has submitted a Freedom of Information Act demand for records relating to… more.
From Berkeley to Boston: Coming Together Around Freedom, Fairness and Food
quoteStFrancis-295x180.pngEating is one thing we all have in common. And, to millions of us, what we eat, how it’s produced, and where it comes from is important. OCM has worked for the last fourteen years to restore competition in the agricultural marketplace. We believe family farmers and ranchers make the best stewards of our land and livestock, and are the most reliable and trustworthy… more.
"They (BIG Ag) suck the wealth from our rural communities"
JoeMaxwell-295x180.pngIn 1980 there were 62,000 hog farmers in Missouri, today in this country there are 67,000 left. Joe Maxwell discusses the power of BIG Ag and market concentration at the Local Foods Summit, on February 11th 2013, hosted by Mile High Business Alliance. Joe Maxwell a fourth generation Hog Farmer from Missouri and Vice President, Outreach and Engagement for The Humane Society of the United States, Maxwell works directly with… more.
The Organization for Competitive Markets is a national, non-profit public policy research organization headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. OCM believes we must work together, across all commodities, toward the common purpose of returning its food and agricultural sector to true supply-demand based competition. Competitive markets in agriculture is our goal, giving rise to the organization’s name. This concern transcends to the international level as international trade agreements threaten our national sovereignty while increasing the market power of global agri-businesses.


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Organization for Competitive Markets

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