NOBULL: JBS to be fined $1 million for lengthening employee workday

JBS to be fined $1 million for lengthening employee workday

By Andre Sulluchuco on 3/12/2013

The Brazilian Ministry of Labor (MPT) has motioned to fine JBS Group $1 million for lengthening employee workdays by 2 hours, according to Brazilian news site Estadão.

The employees are part of the JBS processing plant in the Brazilian city of Barretos, São Paulo state.

The Ministry claims that, as a result, JBS violated a 2007 contract where it agreed not to extend employee work hours.

The case prosecutor Regina Duarte da Silva checked all JBS employee entry and exit records from January 2008 to December 2011, per the Brazilian news site. She reported that JBS fulfilled the contract terms only for 70 days during this period.

During the outstanding 1,395 days, Duarte added, many JBS employees worked beyond their 10-hour day limit.

The Ministry based their fine on a $765 charge for every day of contract violation.

JBS has not been notified of the Ministry’s motion, the company said in a press release. “If we do receive notification,” said JBS. “We will respond accordingly to the Ministry.”