NOBULL: JBS ordered to pay $1.1 million on worker conditions

JBS ordered to pay $1.1 million on worker conditions

By Andre Sulluchuco on 4/17/2014

The Brazilian Ministry of Labor of Acre State has ordered JBS to pay $1.1 million in collective moral damages, per its website.

Federal Prosecutor Marielle Rissanne War Cardoso Viana presented a lawsuit against JBS in the capital state city of Rio Branco on allegations that the company subjected its employees to work in unsanitary and unsafe environments.

The Ministry of Labor ordered JBS to provide all the required personal protective equipment and locker facilities, create sanitary conditions for employee restrooms, refrain from extending the work day beyond the legal limit, provide a minimum of eleven consecutive hours of rest between work shifts, among others.

Judge Fábio Lucas Telles de Menezes Andrade Sandim of the city’s First Labor Court also imposed a fine of $2,220 for every day of not fulfilling the requested changes.

The fine paid by JBS will be donated to the Children and Adolescents Fund of Rio Branco, or at the discretion of the Ministry of Labor, for the benefit of the local community.