NOBULL: It is important that companies like Tyson Foods know that we are watching them

It is important that companies like Tyson Foods know that we are watching them

“… again we are stronger when we are together taking these issues on … we don’t fear any of these groups. We will fight for these values and that is why we will stand up very proudly with you all you guys.” – Wayne Pacelle, President and Chief Executive Officer of The HSUS speaking in reference to “Zilmax is particularly offensive in a lot of ways to eaters and producers” – Mike Callicrate, President of the Organization for Competitive Markets

“We fight right along with you all everyday for transparency. We have a lot of faith in the consumers and citizens. One of the best things we can do is to always force the light to shine on all the retailers and all the process and we believe very strongly that if we work together to allow our type of agriculture [independent family farms and ranches] to find the marketplace the consumer will ultimately make the right decision.” – Joe Maxwell, Vice President of Outreach and Engagement of The HSUS

“The choke hold we have been facing is a common one … and that is the choke hold on the market and the structure of the market.” – Matthew Penzer, Special Counsel The HSUS

“We’ve have taken the attitude that we can have differences but respect their point of view… right now stopping the bleeding, stopping our money being used by people who seek to impose an industrial agriculture is priority number one and we are very grateful to the Humane Society for their help in pursuing this matter.”- Fred Stokes, Director of Organization for Competitive Markets