NOBULL: ‘Faked’ beef seized in China

‘Faked’ beef seized in China

By Lisa M. Keefe on 9/17/2013

Police in Xi’an, Shaanxi province have seized over 20,000 kg of fake beef made from pork and treated with chemicals, according to the and website, both citing Chinese-language sites as their source.

The pork was treated with chemicals, including paraffin wax and industrial salts, to make it look like beef, the reports said. The factory sold more than 1,500 kg of the fake beef, at a price of $4 to $5 per kilogram, to local markets.

Six workshops producing the ‘beef’ have been shut down and the meat seized as evidence, the reports said. The news is of particular concern to Xi’an’s large Muslim community, who may have been buying some of the disguised pork.