NOBULL: Domina says it’s time to protect middle class

Domina says it’s time to protect middle class

January 21, 2014 2:05 pm  •  By DON WALTON / Lincoln Journal Star
Omaha attorney Dave Domina announces his run for the Senate with the support of Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler (left) on Tuesday at the Capitol Rotunda.
Two independent Senate candidates had an opportunity Tuesday at a Lincoln Independent Business Association forum to make their case that the p… Read more
Democratic Senate candidate Dave Domina said Tuesday he would promote policies that center on the middle class, job creation and small businesses rather than continue to reward large corporations that ship jobs overseas and downsize employees with tax loopholes.
“Our billionaire class grows and our middle class shrinks,” he said as he formally announced his candidacy in the Capitol Rotunda. “We can take down oppressive big corporations.
“We cannot allow companies to get ever bigger, outsource more jobs, dry up more opportunities or build taller barriers to entry for our aspiring independent businesses,” the Omaha attorney argued. “We cannot treat huge corporations as our legal equals.
“We have a temperature and corporations don’t.”
As markets are increasingly dominated “by too few,” Domina said, “our small businesses get backbreaking regulations because lobbyists use them as human shields to get what they want.”
Domina’s formal entry into the Senate contest, which had been signaled for weeks, assures Democrats of a substantial nominee to challenge the winner of a robust Republican primary battle that counts four major candidates.
Mayor Chris Beutler introduced Domina at Tuesday’s event, recalling the time they competed against one another in the 1986 Democratic gubernatorial primary election race eventually won by Helen Boosalis.
Domina said the time has come for “a united approach and a fearless, strong voice” that ignores partisanship and partisan divide and represents the interests of the people of Nebraska.
“The United States cannot be the most prestigious country in the world if we cannot keep our government open for business, adopt and live within a budget, pay our bills and take care of our people.
“We are in a mess,” Domina said. “Partisanship has no place now.”
“Let’s be united in a new coalition of Nebraskans. Not left. Not right. Not reaching across the aisle, but tearing the aisle out.”
After completing his appearance at the Capitol, Domina returned to Omaha for a luncheon event before heading out on a six-day statewide campaign tour.

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