NOBULL: Cargill to invest $6 million to boost protein processing in Nicaragua — Kill COOL and USDA inspection…

Cargill is working against COOL and wants to be able to self-inspect upon entry to U.S. market.

Cargill to invest $6 million to boost protein processing in Nicaragua

By Andre Sulluchuco on 7/29/2013

Cargill will invest $ 6 million this year in Nicaragua to increase its vehicle fleet, expand its processing plants and modernize its equipment, announced Javier Brenes, CEO of Cargill Nicaragua in a press release.

Since 1975, Cargill has been a major industry player in Central America and, in 2000, debuted in Nicaragua upon acquiring local poultry processor and distributor, Tip Top Industrial.

Since then, according to Nicaragua-based news agency Confidencial, the company has invested $ 30 million to strengthen its national presence. It purchased processed meats company Cainsa and Corporación Pipasa in 2006 and 2011, respectively, and invested $3.5 million to build a new processing plant in the Nicaraguan city of Las Maderas.

This year, the company also opened a feed mill in the city of Chinandega, possible with a $ 3.7 million investment, which has stregnthened its role in the Nicaraguan poultry industry.

Brenes said that Cargill will, in the near future, launch new sausage products and will expand its plants and distribution centers to meet increasing customer demand for their products.