NOBULL: Callicrate discusses Smithfield-China deal — Tim Danahey Show

Callicrate discusses Smithfield-China deal

Smithfield knows the industrial approach to agriculture is over – dump this loser on China!

The Tim Danahey Show recorded on April 13th 2013

Mike Callicrate speaking at Occupy Food in New York

When China’s Shuanghui Group purchased America’s Smithfield Foods (the largest pork producer in America) for $7 billion, it only created a minor ripple in the media. It was perceived as a simple and welcome Chinese investment in American free enterprise.

However, there is more to the story. Mike Callicrate, a nationally-recognized leader in the local food movement and an ethical rancher, tells of the environmental, economic, and food supply consequences of China’s purchase. Government’s acquiescence to the creation of another massive multi-national food corporation will negatively affect every American and every rural Chinese person who value their way of life.

Listen to this fascinating step in a series of steps of how major corporations value their interests over the health, environment, and food shared by all people.