NOBULL: Booker T. Whatley on the Farmer’s Share of the Housewife’s Food Dollar — Regenerative agriculture

Q: You were saying over lunch that we’re seeing some fundamental changes in agriculture that historians are going to rank right up there with the invention of John Deere’s plow, the tractor and hybrid seed corn. How about looking into your guru’s crystal ball and telling me what you seen happening in farming by the turn of the century?

A: We have to stop thinking that subsidies are the solution to our farm problems, because they’re not. God knows, if money had been the solution, we would have had it solved a long time ago. Money is not the solution!

At least not money from the government. What the farmer needs and is going to have to have is a greater share of the housewife’s food dollar. He just has to have more. He can’t make ends meet the way things are. All these middlemen, they’re a greedy bunch. They just take it all!” p. 149

Booker T. Whatley, How to Make $100,000 Farming 25 Acres, Regenerative Agriculture Association, Emmaus, PN, 1987