NOBULL: Are Antibiotics On The Farm Risky Business?

Are Antibiotics On The Farm Risky Business?

by Daniel Charles

July 11, 2013 5:51 PM

You’ve probably seen the labels on meat in the store: "Raised without antibiotics." They’re a selling point for people who don’t like how many drugs are used on chickens, turkey, hogs and beef cattle.

, as well as prominent , are calling for stricter rules on how these drugs are used. At the moment, there are few restrictions on agricultural use; farmers can buy most antibiotics for the animals over the counter.

There’s a passionate but often confusing debate about this. Here at The Salt, we’ve decided to spend some time digging into this issue to provide more clarity. (To be honest, we needed a little clarity ourselves.)

Today, we’re starting with one very narrow question: What exactly is the danger of antibiotic use on the farm? Also, why do scientists disagree about how big that danger might be?

Let’s start on the farm: Craig Rowles’ hog operation, in Carroll, Iowa. (MORE)