New Op-Ed from FTC Chair Khan on Pesticide Manufacturers Suit

Hi all,

Hope you’re having a good week! I wanted to make sure that you all saw a new op-ed from FTC Chair Lina Khan in the Des Moines Register this morning on the agency’s suit with 10, bipartisan state AGs against Syngenta and Corteva, the dominant pesticide manufacturers.

The suit claims Syngenta and Corteva have illegally blocked cheaper, generic products from entering the market by running a loyalty rebate program with middlemen distributors. Their scheme has led farmers to pay millions more than they should, and ultimately resulted in higher food prices for consumers. If successful, Chair Khan argues, this suit will increase competition and innovation in the market.

Please amplify and lift up the op-ed. Chair Khan also has a tweet up here, and we encourage you/your organizations to post original content is well. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Thanks as always!