National Farmers President Reviews Market Access, Trade and Rural Issues

National Farmers President Reviews

Market Access, Trade and Rural Issues

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Jan. 23, 2015)— During his remarks to members in Nashville, Tenn. Thursday night, National Farmers President Paul Olson, Taylor, Wis., expressed his concern about falling dairy prices, along with grain price levels that, for some crops, are lower than what it costs farmers to grow them.

He spoke about how producers are in a double bind as the prices they are paid for their production trends downward in some commodities, while inputs continue their march upward.

Addressing the issue of shrinking communities in rural America in the past few decades, he underscored the point that a stronger economic footing for farmers and ranchers could have meant those communities could have remained strong.

Regarding market access for producers, he stressed that it’s becoming more difficult in some parts of the country due to increasing consolidation. And, he noted that National Farmers offers price negotiation services in dairy, grain and livestock, which can help producers improve their market positioning.

Olson also said the country could lose a generation of farmers if a sustained period of low prices were to come about. He said he greatly supports farmers producing the highest quality products for America’s consumers, but producers must be paid more for those top-tier commodities.

And, he spoke briefly about the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, expressing the requirement that it assures not only free trade for the U.S., but fair trade as well.

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