Monsanto House bill would block state GMO labeling laws — Tell your Congressman you want the right to choose what’s in your food

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In just weeks your member of Congress could decide whether you’ll ever know if the food you’re eating is genetically engineered.

The upcoming vote on this Monsanto-backed legislation would not only block the Feds from mandatory labeling of GMO foods, it actually prevents your state from taking any action to make sure you’re informed. And it stops your city or county from banning genetically engineered crops even if local farmers and residents want them to.

But wait, it gets worse! The bill potentially prevents businesses that don’t use GMO products – and want to tell you that – from using their own stringent, voluntary label. How is that for keeping you entirely in the dark about what foods have GMOs, and what don’t?

Tell your member of Congress to vote NO on this bad bill. Then share this with everyone you know so we can expose this!

Few issues have caused industry to spend so much just to keep you in the dark about their products. Last year alone the food and chemical industries spent an estimated $63 million to oppose GMO labeling at the state and federal level.

But industry isn’t satisfied with just stopping GMO labeling. It’s managed to amend this bad bill so cities and counties that support natural agriculture can’t ban genetically engineered crops. If this bill passes, existing bans on growing such crops in five California counties, one in Oregon, and other crop restrictions in Washington and Hawaii would be gutted.

If you think you should have the right to choose between GMO or non-GMO food, or that your state should have the right to take its own actions when it comes to genetically engineered food and crops, then speak out now.

Tell your House member to vote NO, and make sure they know you are watching!

It’s critical we get as many consumers to speak out about this bill before the vote later this month. Please take action, then share this with others in your network.

Thank you!
Jean Halloran, Consumers Union
Policy and Action from Consumer Reports

Talk about a huge gift to industry.

In weeks your member of Congress will vote on a Monsanto-backed bill that would effectively keep you from ever knowing if your food includes GMOs. Tell your Representative to vote NO!

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