Meatingplace – JBS takes next step in Operation Weak Meat corruption case

JBS takes next step in Operation Weak Meat corruption case

By Chris Moore on 2/24/2023

JBS will appeal a decision by Brazilian authorities in the Operation Weak Meat investigation, according to a report from Food Safety News.

The Controladoria-Geral da União (CGU) verdict ruled this month that Seara Alimentos, a JBS subsidiary, would be fined more than $14.8 million Brazilian Real (U.S. $2.8 million), and told to publish information about the decision in a physical location and on its website.

In 2017, as part of the Weak Meat investigation, Brazilian authorities charged 63 people for participating in a corruption scheme involving meat processing plants in the country.

Last month, BRF S.A. agreed to pay $110 million, and the government agreed to halt proceedings targeting the business and agreed to not file lawsuits against the company related to the investigations.

“It is important to make it clear that those responsible for the Carne Fraca Operation, which began in 2017, did not mention or raise any suspicions about quality or security from Seara’s or JBS products and brands. This can be easily verified in the Federal Court order that authorized the police Carne Fraca operation investigations focused on administrative questions on the Ministry of Agriculture inspection system,” JBS said in a statement.

Fallout from a separate 2017 investigation, Operation Car Wash, led to separate fines for JBS. Recent FOIA requests revealed internal debates among U.S. public officials regarding the government’s contracts with JBS, in light of such fines.