Meat processing plant coming to Mott

Meat processing plant coming to Mott


by: Robert Suhr

Posted: Sep 30, 2020 / 09:10 PM CDT / Updated: Sep 30, 2020 / 09:36 PM CDT

After a year of planning, 50 mile an hour winds couldn’t stop the ceremonial shovels from hitting the ground.

It was a “who’s who” of North Dakota dignitaries Wednesday afternoon, all to celebrate a new 5,000-square foot meat processing plant being built in Mott.

The project is the vision of John Roswech and his new company, South Forty Beef.

Roswech’s not your typical rancher. In fact, he’s only been ranching for a year or so after working in technology in New York City.

But a trip to Mott 20 years ago changed his life after reading a magazine article about North Dakota pheasant hunting.

“Two of my buddies and six of our dogs packed up, we drove a suburban 1,700 miles and we wanted to come pheasant hunting and so we came to Mott, North Dakota to pheasant hunt, and when I came out to Mott I felt something, and I felt like I was home,” said Roswech.

Ten years ago they bought some land, and late in 2018 made the move to Mott for good.

Roswech will build a 5,000-square foot meat processing plant here, creating around a dozen high paying jobs.

KX News spoke with the owners of South Forty Beef and they’ve already got the construction equipment on-site. They hope to begin major construction on Thursday, have the base of the building done by next week, the shell up by Thanksgiving and have it enclosed sometime in the winter.

Mott Mayor Troy Mosbrucker tells us today is pretty close to Christmas morning.

“This is a great day for Mott. This is the biggest economic development project we’ve had in the county in years. It’s the biggest economic boost were going to see in the city of Mott and the county. It’s a big plus for us, you know, meat markets hard to come by, and to get someone to build a $2 million project in Mott, it’s a big thing,” said Mosbrucker.

At first, the plant will handle around 160 head of cattle a month, with plans to increase to 200 head a month and eventually include hogs.

Also on hand was Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring who praised the plant’s location.

“Given the fact that over the last 10 years, we’ve probably lost 17 plants in North Dakota, but to see a new plant come on lone and get built, especially here in southwestern North Dakota, that’s fantastic,” said Goehring.

“First, the goal is to take my cattle from my farm from my pasture and process those cattle here at our new state of the art USDA certified beef processing plant, and I want to sell our beef direct to consumers,” said Roswech.

The plant will also include a store where people can simply walk in and buy their beef.

They hope to start taking orders by the end of the year.

Right now, area residents have to drive to Hettinger or Carson for meat processing and there’s currently a year-long waiting list at those facilities.